Alex Gartrell

About Me

My name is Alex Gartrell and I'm a Software Engineer at Facebook. I recently (early May 2014) joined the Kernel team where I work on the various networking things that we need. Previously I worked on the CDN and Cache teams, working on things ranging from flash-based caches, encryption of cross datacenter cache traffic, and the layer 7 protocol used for various caches.

I graduated with a major in Computer Science and minor in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. While there, I TAed 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems and 15-313 Fundamentals of Software Engineering. I did a senior thesis where I wrote a linux kernel extension for thrift message routing.

Open Source


In the past I contributed to Mongrel2. I worked on static file serving (default files, metadata caching, etc.) and I added SSL support using an embeddable SSL library, PolarSSL. I believe I still have commit access, but do not consider myself (and should not be considered by you to be) an active contributer.


While in school I took a Software Engineering class where we were to work on a large project. My groupmate and I chose to work on Chromium. I landed a couple patches involving Chromium's sync functionality, but nothing major.