Alex Gartrell

About Me

I've worked at Facebook for just under three years. I joined the memcache team first, switched to the fbcdn team after just over a year, and then switched to the kernel networking team another 18 months after that.

I got a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon in 2011. The highlights were definitely TAing Fundamentals of Software Engineering and Introduction to Computer Systems. I also wrote an in-kernel thrift protocol router as part of a senior thesis research project, which seems much more ridiculous now.

Open Source

  • linux

    I've contributed a handful of patches upstream for things like v4-in-v6 tunneling for ipvs, ipvs fixes, and a tun fix or two.

  • mcrouter

    I did a bunch of random fixes, refactoring and other things years ago. I designed and implemented the umbrella binary protocol, though the implementation itself has been deprecated at least twice over :)

  • mongrel2

    I built some static file serving features and added SSL support.

  • chromium

    A few patches to the then-new sync functionality.